Cocoon Insulation

Distinctive Homes are built with Cocoon® thermal insulation—providing you with protection and savings long after the purchase of your home.

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Benefits of Cocoon Insulation
Owning a home built with Cocoon insulation offers many benefits.
Cocoon Insulation:
  • Blocks air infiltration and convection currents that are both primary causes of energy loss, resulting in a 26 percent greater overall energy efficiency.
  • Is class 1 fire rated, increasing a wall’s fire resistance by 22-55 percent.
  • Reduces nuisance noise throughout the exterior walls and ceiling.
  • Ability to stop heat transfer (R-value) remains consistent through a greater temperature and application range than that of loose-fill fiberglass, keeping heat in during the winter, and cold out during the summer.
  • Preserves natural resources because it is made from nearly 80 percent recycled paper filter.
  • Is nontoxic, non-itchy, non-carcinogenic, and requires no special health warning labels.
  • Is guaranteed for the life of your home by GreenFiber, maker of Cocoon insulation.
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